DoggyBox about us

Hi, we are DoggyBox

We are a fresh pet food seller that uses human grade meat, vegetables, whole grains and natural supplements for its meals.We have researched and developed specialised meal plans to ensure the dogs get everything they need on a daily basis. Each meal contains all the essential macronutrients and micronutrients.

We use only the highest quality meats (chicken, fish, mutton) vegetables, grains and oils, and each meal contains Doggybox Multi-Vitamin & Mineral blend. We also customise meals for our fussy and more sensitive friends.

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Our story

It all started with bullet.

When it seemed like our one-year-old St Bernard Bullet had lost his appetite post surgery we decided to home cook his meals. Turns out he did have an appetite, just not for highly processed commercial food!

We did face a few challenges initially:
1. It was time consuming and sometimes we forgot to cook.
2. Nailing the serving portions. 
3. To get the right balance of nutrients.

To formulate a set of recipes that are well balanced for him we spent hours on research reading books, reading articles on the Internet and talking to a few local vets. Once we figured the nutritional balance, we had to address the other important factor – portion control. Over feeding or underfeeding can shorten the lifespan of our dogs. As we are working professionals we realised portioning each meal separately after cooking and storing saved time. All we had to stress about was to feed him on time. Overtime this became a weekend ritual.

A few friends were interested in what we were doing which made us realize that we could turn this ritual into a business and help other pet parents who want the best for their dogs. Hence Doggybox was born. We cook meals with the highest quality ingredients tailored to your dog’s needs, seal individual serving packs and deliver in perfect time to make sure your pooch never runs out of food.

We’ve had some great feedback so far – from a fussy pug who now licks his bowl clean in no time, to a boxer with eye irritations whose eyes are now brighter than ever. We also customize meals for our fussy and more sensitive friends.

We are your dog’s personal chef and can help you ‘treat’ your best friends right!